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"Telling Stories That Liberate  |  Founded November 11, 2011

In Tim Keller's book "Prodigal God," on page 90 he writes, "In each parable something is lost –sheep, coin, and son. In each, the one who loses something gets it back. And each of the narratives ends on a note of festive rejoicing and celebration when the lost one is returned. 

There is, though, one striking difference between the third parable and the first two. In the first two someone "goes out" and searches diligently for that which is lost. The searchers let nothing distract them or stand in their way.

By the time we get to the third story, and we hear about the plight of the lost son, we are fully prepared to expect that someone will set out to search for him. No one does. It is startling, and Jesus meant it to be so. By placing the three parables so closely together, he is inviting thoughtful listeners to ask: "Well, who should have gone out and searched for lost son?"

Continued on page 94, "While Act 1 of the parable showed us how free the father's forgiveness is, Act 2 gives us insight into the costliness... But Jesus does not put a true elder brother in the story (or a Third Brother)*, one who is willing to pay any cost to seek and save that which is lost. It is heartbreaking. The younger son gets a Pharisee for a brother instead. 

But we do not.

By putting a flawed elder brother in the story, Jesus is inviting us to imagine and yearn for a true one. 

And we have him."

Page 95, 

"Our true elder brother paid our debt, on the cross, in our place."

* Addition to the text.

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Inspired by the parable of the prodigal son, the story of two selfish brothers. We identify The Third Brother who Loves the Father...


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